Artemis Sorras & the advisory organization END NATIONAL DEBT (E.N.D.)

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May 6, 2014 by freesoul4europe

Video Description: Dr. Christos Tsapos is a Greek citizen that has investigated and fully understood the true message behind the financial offers by Artemis Sorras to the Greek people. This short video is part of a talk he gave in Preveza on 22/3/2014 explaining the importance of these offers, and that the main purpose is for all Greeks to unite without any political parties and dogmas that cause separation and inequality. Separation is our weakness and thus we lost our power to be free.

We are enslaved under the economic scum of the Troika – Rothschids – the global banksters just because we have accepted and allowed it to happen, due to our personal conflicts and misguidance.
When he refers to the Greek virtues and principles he is stating the universal laws of equality and justice. These are the things the ancient Greek philosophers talked about and if all people can have this same starting point we will overcome any belief systems that separate us in order to see clearly the problem and the solution. The current situation is simple. There is a National Debt scum and Artemis Sorras is going against the Global Elites and provides the financial tools to be Debt Free. But because our politicians are nothing more than Puppets to the Global Elite and we the people must understand our rights to claim justice and demand transparency.

Facts about the Financial Proposal by Artemis Sorras to his Greek brothers:
Artemis Sorras & the advisory organization END NATIONAL DEBT (E.N.D.) are trying for the last 3 years (publicly) to end the slavery in Greece & Cyprus.
They have since provided 3 economic tools to do this;

1. He has transferred 8 Banque d’ Orient shares between his Companies which resulted in 27 billions euro tax payable.

*Although the value of these shares were certified by the Greek Parliament to around 5,5 trillion euros the authorities still haven’t demanded the down payment of the relevant tax, despite the ‘efforts’ of the Government at that time to urgently find resources.

2. He deposited in a foreign bank account 6 U.S bonds of 100 billion each to the name of Greek Sovereign Republic.
He then made this outstanding proposal to the Greek Government ($600bl with 0.5 interest payable in 100 years) to kick IMFs’ ass out of Greece with a primary condition;
Proper audit of the so called Greek national debt and whoever politician οr government official is found guilty of an embezzlement or in any other way abused government property will be taken to the Greek Supreme Civil Court for the complete administration of justice.

The same offer was made to Cyprus Government for 48,9 billion dollars (when President Christofias invited Artemis Sorras with E.N.D. to finance Cyprus, just few months before the IMF and Troika bankrupt and get the country on their hands).

Both governments have not yet replied to his first offer of $600bl made in 2012.
Obviously, half of the main stream media reacted against this offer and the other half didn’t react at all.
Artemis Sorras in response sued George Mpompolas (owner of the leading newspaper “Ethnos” and MEGA Channel, Greece’s biggest TV station) as well as all the members of the Parliament for high treason (not taking the money and having all Greek citizens still suffering under the IMFs contract).

* In 2013 A.Georgiadis sued A.Sorras and the Chairman of E.N.D. Dr. Lambrakis for spreading false accusations & has intentions against the constitution of the country. Artemis Sorras and Dr. Emmanuel Lambrakis were solemnly vindicated by the court in a trial held on 28/6/2013.
(case no. 67650/13).
In the court was proved that the 600 billion $ do exist and that they’ re available to the Greek state so as to pay its debt!
The Public Prosecutor ordered further investigation for Mr Provopoulos (former chairman of the Bank of Greece) and Mr Stournaras (minister of Finance).

3. He committed his own assets to the World Bank (Trust Fund programs) as guarantees so that the Greek municipalities can raise finance; he then completed projects for each of the 325 Greek municipalities with a total worth of 2.3 trillions euros.

The only question now is. will the Mayors go with the Regime or E.N.D.



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