First the Fed now the Bank of England, as Austria wants to Inspect their Gold

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May 28, 2014 by freesoul4europe

by John Galt


The distrust of central banksters continues to expand as now Austria follows Germany by sending a delegation to the United Kingdom to verify that their gold holdings are in fact even there and on deposit at the Bank of England. From the

(translated via Google)

Austria can check the gold reserves at the Bank of England

The Court of Austria is sending  a delegation to the Bank of England. It is to examine the existence and condition of an estimated 150 tons of Austrian monetary gold.

The  gold is stored at the Bank of England’s gold reserves Austria to be subjected to an inventory. According to business magazine Trend of the Austrian Court of Audit is planning to send a delegation to London to inspect the gold bars on site.

There are no official figures on how much gold is stored exactly in London. In the Press is talk of about 150 tons of gold. The total gold reserves are estimated at 280 tons of Austria. Only 17 percent (47.6 tons) of gold should be located in their own country.

The decision to an examination of the Austrian gold reserves is ultimately the result of rising public Drucks. After the federal bench with her ​​last year repatriation program was active, and political forces tried in Austria for more transparency and a proof that the gold bars abroad actually exist are. Among other things, the FPÖ’s initiative, “Save our Austrian Gold” mood.

“I understand the suggestion. Every grocer must take inventory once a year. Just as the absurd rumors can be removed from the world, “said Ewald Nowotny, Governor of the Austrian National Bank.

If Austria and Germany can not trust the Federal Reserve and Bank of England, why should any citizen in the United Kingdom or United States have faith in the activities of these den of thieves and their activities? Of course the Fed would never lie about how much gold it has, after all, why should they?



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